Online Seminar: French Tech’s recent breakthrough and ambitions – Meet French Tech Tokyo and Nara France.

“France to be a digital powerhouse”

This time, SINEORA invited Yoshifumi Goto, Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of France in Tokyo and member of La French Tech Tokyo as well as Kaoruko Hayashi, President of NARA FRANCE, to participate in SINEORA’s fourth webinar about Startup eco-system in France.

With President Emmanuel Macron declaring “France to be a digital powerhouse”, France’s active support for startups is attracting global attention.

French Tech, a government-led initiative launched at the end of 2013, brings together entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, developers, industry associations (incubators and accelerators), media, public institutions, and R&D institutions to build a startup ecosystem. French Tech is now a brand name well known around the world for representing tech startups from France.

In France, this policy is working well, and several promising startups are emerging from the country and expanding around the world.

Content of the Seminar:


In this webinar, we discussed the challenges of French tech activities in the context of the corona crisis as well as the current state of innovation in France.

The team of speakers has been working for many years to bring France and Japan into closer contact in the field of innovation.


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