SINEORA Online Seminar #2: Meet a Venture-Capital from Paris – Hardware Club

This time, we invited Jerry Yang, General Partner of Hardware Club, a Paris-based VC specialized in hardware-related startups, to talk about how the new coronavirus is changing the landscape for startups.
Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese living in Paris, he has lived in Silicon Valley and is an entrepreneur himself. This rich professional background allows him to deliver a highly relevant vision on how the startup ecosystem is evolving.
He talked about his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on startups and what the future holds for Open Innovation and large corporations.
Are you a European or Asian startups who wants to develop your business in another continent, do you want to know how to test your product market fit before launching your foreign operation, or just questions about international development, please contact us at contact@sineora.com .

Thank you for watching.

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